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Atom Editor tips

Show command pallet

Ctrl Shift +p

If you deleted menu bar and want to recover it

Ctrl Shift +p
search “toggle” and select “Window+Toggle Menu Bar”

Install packages (GUI)

File > settings > Install

Useful packages samples

A preview of the full source code
A live preview tool for Atom Editor
A simple auto completion of heml tags with class and/or id
  • Allows you to copy relative path to current file from tree view
  • Opening editor window, on tree view right click and “copy relative path”.

Editor settings

  • File > settings > Editor

  • Settings:

    • Show Indent Guideline
      • Show indentation indicator in the window
    • Show Invisibles
      • Render placeholders for invisible charactors, such as tabs, spaces and newlines
    • Soft Wrap
      • Wrap lines that exeed the width of the window.

Change Theme

File > settings > Themes

Last update: January 31, 2021